Plasma cutting up to 1.5" plate

Our Plasma cutting table is capable of piercing 1.5″ plate and is 6′ x 20′, so we can handle any size you need.

If you want parts fast, then we have what you are looking for. Our 260 amp Hypertherm plasma complete with 6’ x 20’ cutting table allow us to power through parts requests. With the ability to cut up to 1-1/2” material we can cut at rapid speeds for parts that don’t require the accuracy of a Waterjet. In-house we use the plasma to fabricate clips, gussets, base plates, end caps, toolbox bodies and doors, lifting lugs and pretty much any shape you can think of. At your request, we will mark part numbers and heat numbers either by hand with a paint marker or with our machines using their etching features. We also deliver regularly to customers in Edmonton and Calgary. Send us your part requests today and see what services we can offer your company.